Monoski Snowgunz, les monoskis pour la piste et le freeride Monoski de piste et bosses polyvalent Monoski de freeride et carving polyvalent Monoski de femme et enfant piste bosses freeride Monoski fixations speciales PRO FX Monoski for ever, Toute la gamme 2014 des monoskis Snowgunz

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MONOSKI Flake Shot 188

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MONOSKI Flake Shot 188FS188E

The Monoski FREERIDE SPEED POLYVALENT - 30 % Slope / 70 % Freeride
In Size 188  all People from Level INTERMED to EXPERT
The Monoski FAT for the Speeds in Powders
with his 17m radius
For the Big Curves in Off Piste and for XL extreme Carving on Slopes

The Speed Powder Days Monoski for Giant and Super-G Turns in Freeride
The Monoski light and safe with low Rocker
Spatulas and shape pintail parabolic
All the Snowgunz manufacture quality - Flex and Hardness adapt to your Weight
NEW 2019 Model - Pre Order -  Free World Delivery - October 2018

Shape 252/210/240 - R 17
100 % Full WOODCORE
4 Levels of Quadraxes Fibers
Sidewalls ABS / Finition Cap
Reinforce Phenols for Bindings
High Density Sintered Base 8K
Finition Structure Diamond
Larges Edges deversed of 5°