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Fixations Ski Look PX 18 WC Race

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Fixations Ski Look PX 18  WC Racespx14E


The SPX 18 WC ROCKERACE is an elite-level,
competition race binding for committed Alpine athletes.

The strongest coupling strength
and longest elastic travel on the market
deliver instant power transmission, precision,
and control with superior shock absorption for reduced pre-release.
The short mounting zone and semi-suspended heel
enhance ski flex for more precision and control._x000D_
World Cup Power and Control

180° Multi-Directional Protection
The binding toepiece offers upward
release independent of the heel
for the most effective protection in the event of a fall

Reliable Retention, Reduced Pre-Release
Longer elastic travel and faster re-centering
ensures superior shock absorption
to reduce unwanted binding release

Natural Ski Flex
Short mounting zone promotes less swing weight,
 improved response, and natural ski flex

TÜV Certified
For skiers weight up 110 Kg
Bindings Weight = 3,3 Kg

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