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Bindings Monosplit PRO FX Touring

1) Longueur mm :
2) Stance cm
3) Weight kg
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Bindings Monosplit PRO FX TouringprofixSplitE

The PROFX Touring, the special Monoskis Touring bindings by Snowgunz

For hiking up all around the mountain from slopes to free-touring and steep rides
A Complete PRO FX Bindings front and back for powerfull Downhills

with a click system for a Front PLUM Guide for light Hiking up
With 4 climbing aids 25 / 35 / 55 and 85 mm

 Weight for Downhill = 500 g (1/2/pair)
 Weight for Hiking up =  600 g
(1/2 pair)

You could also switch in a light version setup
With the Front Plum Guide to use both Hike up and Down
For High Mountain, Long Touring days and Expeditions
 Weight = 400 g (1/2/pair)

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