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MONOSKI Easy Ski 149

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MONOSKI Easy Ski 149easy148E

The Monoski EASY SKI Size 149 - 50% Piste / 50% Freeride
The first monoski newschool rocker for young skiers from 9 to 12 years old
The monoski for slope, for freestyle and for powder as kings
An easy monoski polyvalent for power carving and style jumps
In the park or in backcountry, in switch or in slide ...  The Kids Gunz

Sidecut Pintail , Spatula in 8, Double Rocker, Multi Radius
Create by the monoski instructors from Chamonix
With all the Snowgunz Manufacture Quality
2019 Model - In Stock - Free World Delivery 3 to 5 days

Cotes 220/180/204 - R 9
100 % Woodcore Poplar

4 Quadraxes Fiber Layers
Sidewalls ABS / Finition Cap
Reinforts Phenols for bindings
Sintered Base 4K
Larges Edges deversed de 5'°

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